Managed Cloud Servers

High performance cPanel cloud servers with multiple location flexibility and scalability.

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Managed Cloud Servers
Unlimited accounts and easy admin.

YetaHost is powerd by cPanel. The industry's best web hosting control panel. Cloudlinux is also included, as is Softaculous, SitePad, JetBackup and Imunify360.

High-performance servers.

We will manage the migration of your websites from your existing hosting provider at no cost. Just send us details after sign up. Available 24/7.

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We offer Free 24-7 Support for your every query. Our Linux Engineers are well qualified & experianced to solve your every ticket in time.Start today and enjoy our services.

Managed Server - R4

For starter sites

$ $ 83.38

  • 2 Dedicated Xeon vCPUs
  • 80 GB Dedicated SSD Disk Space
  • 4 GB Dedicated RAM
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Unlimited websites

Managed Server - R16

For complex sites

$ 197.71 per month

  • 6 Dedicated Xeon vCPUs
  • 300 GB Dedicated SSD Disk Space
  • 16 GB Dedicated RAM
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Unlimited websites

48 hours money back guarantee

if you are not satisfied with the managed server services, then you can request a refund within first 48 hours


We will begin configuring your server as soon as you subscribe to YetaHost, and your server will be up and operating between 4-12 hours. It doesn't take us long to get your online enterprise up and running; if you already have a website, we'll transfer it as quickly as feasible.

cPanel/WHM, twice-daily backups, virus protection, software auto-installer, and a free SSL certificate are all included with our Managed Server. You'll also have the flexibility to work with our professional assistance whenever you need it.

Maximum Performance

We recognise the significance of a fast-loading website. We choose SSD storage over HDD storage, which results in greater SEO ranks, fewer bounce rates, and higher conversion rates!

Because it is powered by Digital Ocean, Linodes, AWS, Azure, and other major cloud providers, the server may swiftly pick and choose the sets of data it requires with an SSD.

All YetaHost Fully Managed VPS Hosting plans include:

24/7 dedicated support team.

Our team of hosting experts is available round-the-clock to handle all your requests. You can choose from a range of expert services or request specific tasks.

Monitoring and issue resolution.

We continuously monitor your server's uptime, resources (CPU, RAM, and Storage), and domains. If any issues arise, we promptly resolve them on your behalf and notify you of any necessary actions.

Comprehensive backup management.

Enjoy automated daily snapshot backups, with the added option to create an on-demand snapshot backup. Additionally, our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you with local backup solutions.

Managed patching and updates.

Say goodbye to manual patching and updating of your operating system and control panel. Our experts take care of it, ensuring your server is always up-to-date.

Enhanced security and free SSL.

Rest easy knowing that your network is under constant surveillance. As an added bonus, we provide a free SSL certificate

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Any Questions?

Where Are Your Servers?

Anyone interested in our high-end packages and server subscriptions will be relieved to learn that we can deploy to virtually any location on the planet. In reality, we have over 10 global deployments.

What Control Panels Are Available?

cPanel, the industry standard, is available to YetaHost customers. You'll also have access to Softaculous for auto-installations and Jetbackup for backups, in addition to this cutting-edge UI.

Can You Migrate My Existing Website?

Yes, and without a problem. Regardless matter how many websites you manage, we will put them all under the YetaHost umbrella for free. To get started, simply email us the data of your websites once you've joined up.

Where is YetaHost located?

YetaHost is located in Greater Noida, India, making it well situated to service organisations and people worldwide.

Is Root Access Available at YetaHost?

We only supply managed servers; if you want to administrate for your own server, you'll need to check into cloud server providers like Digital Ocean, Linodes, and AWS.

What Sorts of Speeds Can I Expect?

With YetaHost, you'll never get less than 1gbit/s.

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