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  • Best Hosting Provider
  • High Performance Service
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  • Free SSL and Malware Protection
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Cheapest Price

Our pricing are very cheap and fits in every one pocket size.We provide best to our customers with the best pricing for our first-class hosting services and products to match what they can afford.


Excellent Products

we offer the very best for our customers.We expand our products range, which helps us stay ahead in the competitive market. Our customer’s success is significant in driving our business forward.

The Most Powerful Website Hosting Plans Services Providers

Find out the best, trustworthy, and money-saving website hosting plans, reliable servers, and other things from one and only Yeta Host. Yeta Host is founded by experts, who have all the experience in working on website hosting plans and offers the best consultation related to such plans to our customers.

We have started our online platform in 2021, and in the year 2020, and started planning for the company Yeta Hosting. Being aware of what are the various issues that a person faces while choosing a hosting services provider, therefore we come up with the idea of the Yeta Host. Along with our knowledge and the latest technology trends, we made the platform of Yeta Host. The team at Yetahost aim to resolve all the doubts of all those, who are looking for the best Hosting services and want to save their money.

Our Principles

Want to be the best and trustworthy network services, provider

Have professional and technical team members who are always ready to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Wanted to give an amazing life to our team members and ensure that they always have a good and stress-free life.

Always want to work in a highly comfortable environment, which is automatically beneficial for our clients.

We are aware of the importance of uptime and website speed therefore we love to offer the best website hosting solutions to everyone. Moreover, it is very much beneficial for a business, who wants to expand in an online market. Yetahost are very much thankful to our customers who always trust us and even our technical team, who are always available to help our clients.

Our Passion

Hosting is the biggest and the most-important part of the business and it is far more than that of the speed and uptime. It is the most amazing part of the what your business spend. The biggest thing that the clients make to us is trust and the technical experience that we have. Every team member of our team is our passion. With their help and management skills, we make dreams of our customers to come true.

Built the best business with our amazing online tools

There are number of hosting companies and even there are many issues which arise while having the server hosting services. We are the one, who always here to offer all the amazing services, which let our clients in resolving all such issues. We along with our team, have worked together to offer brilliant services to our clients.

Who We Are?

A trustworthy and reputed Website Hosting Services provider

Our team is experienced and have a great name within the website hosting services provider. At Yeta Host, you will get all the information about the tracking malware, new servers, and other hosting-related worries. We have a team, who spend the majority of their time resolving the worries of our clients. All of our work is handled with the help of the automated processes.

Yetahost is technical, who uses all the modern tools

We at Yeta Host, use all the modern and well-equipped tools, to deal with the problems related to website hosting and other things. Our professionals assure you that along with the Yeta Host, you will not face any technical issues. We have worked with multiple companies and satisfied all their expectations related to the hosting or cloud servers.

Careers & Opportunities

Yetahost always work along with the talented and great people, who always ready to work along with us.
We are always ready to work along with such hard working people who have technical background and worked upon the web server, or website development. One must have worked on the customer care services. You will have something interesting and have fun, while working along with the team at YetaHost.

You can either join our team at India or Singapore or give wings to your skills.

Send a CV and cover letter to support@yetahost.com

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