Affiliate Program

Join the YetaHost Affiliate Program and you can earn upto $150 per new customer purchase.

Earn More Income Along With The Affiliate Program By Yeta Host

Promote Yeta Host on your website and earn cash. Sign up right now to earn money using simple and easy steps. Share our website along with the others to boost your earnings today. Choose from our amazing banner or text ads and add them to your website to start earning along with us. Without any cost, you can join our affiliate program without any risk.

Why Signup?

Many reasons make you signup on our website. We are a trustworthy and genuine hosting-related services provider. From our website, you can catch all the information related to shared hosting and its packages. Compare packages from multiple sources from our Yeta Host. We offer free support, free Cpanel, and much more. Get 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied along with the services of Yeta Host.

Become an affiliate using simple steps

Follow all the simple and easy steps to become an affiliate for Yeta Host

● Sign up
Sign up using simple and easy steps on our official website. Quite fast and easy. Enter all the necessary details and get ready.

● Promote
Depending upon your website, select the type of ad that you want to run on your website. Ad beautiful and engaging banners on your website to start earning along with us.

● Earn Big
The more we will get click on our website, the more we will earn. You will get paid for every conversion. So, earn more and more while having multiple conversions.

What You Will Get On Our Affiliate Program?

There are many things that you will get on being the affiliate partner along with us.

• You will receive upto 50% referral bonus on their first transaction, and there is a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs 50 PAYOUT AMOUNT.

• The accounts, which perform illegal activities, abusive, or fraudulent are not considered as the referrals.

• The account holders must be active for around 60 days for getting paid.

• The referrals who have added the request for the withdrawal must not be paid.

• Only the affiliate commission is available to get the benefit from the YetaHost Shared Plans.

• Coupons, email traffic, or any spam advertising is not accepted on our website.

• All the affiliate marketers must have a valid paypal account and they all must share bank account details along with us.

• If you are making the withdrawal request, then you will be charge 10% out of it as a service tax.

• An affiliate marketer can be terminated without any prior notice if he or she will violate any rule any rule on our website.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Apply now or contact us at

Frequently asked questions

What is an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program helps website owners in earning money. Our program, pays the website owners, only after they send traffic on our website. With any payment or fees, one can start earning on our website.

How much I can earn using the affiliate program?

It is the major question that everyone looks for.
The more you will be able to bring traffic to our website, the more you will earn. One can earn starting from one thousand to one lakh.

How much I need to pay for being a part of our program?

The major thing that you have to notice that our affiliate program is completely free of cost and there is no cost for joining our affiliate program.

What are the different skills that I must have to be an affiliate?

No, you do not need to have any technical skills, you must have your website to start the work. We will provide you with the banners and the links.